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February 2021 Half Term Activities

Here are some suggested activities for things you could do during the holidays. If you would like to continue with home learning over the break, then we recommend using the BBC daily lessons, Mathletics and Times Table Rockstars – however our suggestion is that you all have a well-deserved rest! 

Create some cinema tickets and make a home cinema in the living room.

Build a den and have a picnic or read your favourite story inside.

Have a birthday party for your favourite toy – don’t forget to send invitations.

Create a map of your home and make a treasure hunt.

Have a go at finger painting – can you make different animals with your fingers?

Decorate rocks with paint and hide them around your local area for others to find.

Have a go at pressing flowers or leaves.

Make a bird feeder or house and hang it in the garden for the birds.

Teach yourself a new skill such as sewing or baking.

Put on a play, dance or a talent show for your family at home.

Plant some seeds and care for them to help them grow.

Find a river or stream and play a game of Poohsticks.

Make a family tree and see how far you can trace back.

Make a miniature garden in a small tray.

Use sticks, stones, fallen leaves etc or to make a picture in the garden.

Create an obstacle course outside.

Send postcards to your family and friends.

Make your own paper puppets and have a puppet show with them.

Learn how to read a map and go for a long walk.

Use your recycling to do some junk modelling – could do make a robot?


Two lovely workbooks that can be printed and will provide thought provoking activities for during the break …

Captain Sir Tom Moore

1920 – 2021

Isaiah Flow 

The song we will sing as part of our Trust’s ‘Stronger Together’ Project (similar to One Voice Project). 

Love is in the air …