Our Worship and Prayer Life

In light of our school mission statement, we believe that the prayer and worship life of our school community is central to all we do. Through liturgy and worship we aim to:

  • Foster an understanding of what it means to belong to a Catholic community
  • Provide opportunities for enhancing spiritual growth and personal development through prayer and reflection
  • Encourage the development of a personal relationship with God
  • Provide experiences of sharing values and celebrating significant events in the lives of individuals and the community
  • Develop knowledge of and experience seasons within the Church’s year
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of scripture
  • Develop and celebrate skills of creativity

Consequently we spend time in prayer daily – for example in the classroom to begin and end each day.  In addition, we gather in the hall for assemblies, services and celebrations on a regular basis as well as for special events. We celebrate Mass in school on a number of occasions throughout the year and classes take it in turns to join parishioners for Mass on Friday mornings with Fr Daniel. PLEASE NOTE these arrangements are currently adapted to be in line with COVID guidance.
We were delighted to be judged by Diocesan inspectors as an outstanding Catholic school in December 2014!